Jon's Beer Club .. Cheers!Jon's Beer Club .. Cheers!

A Club History
The origins of this drinking club can be traced back to September 2000, the month of the Petrol shortage, when the Chairman, Jon Rowe, asked the gentlemen of St John's Church in Grove Green if anyone fancied a Beer on a Friday night. Jon's Beer Club .. Cheers! The first venue was 'The Early Bird' on Grove Green and memories of that first evening focus on the fuel protests which entailed those queuing up round and round the Tesco's car park for the Petrol station until there was a little man on his moped in the middle .. exasperated! Word began to get round that Jon was leading a party each month, for the purpose of drinking beer, having a laugh and to basically escape from the strains and stresses of the real world ..... just for 3 hours every month. Remarkably the Club increased in popularity so much so that Jon's wife was being approached by women in the Church desperate for him to get their husbands down to the pub to 'chill out'. There is a serious side..? with connections to the Church it is only natural that the Club has a christian ethos ( atheists are NOT excluded ! ) and supports people in the community. Jon's Beer Club .. Cheers! But the prime motive is really to drink lots of beer, tell bad jokes and laugh. The venues have changed, after the Early Bird the club was moved to The Fox and Goose , then to Newnham Court Inn and now the place to meet is The Bell at Bearsted. Everyone is welcome, i suppose even women ? We have had an inaugural 'Outing' to London .. a fantastic day of visiting pubs that will go down in folklore and we have Football trips, cricket trips and even the odd gig' . .

Jon's Beer Club .. Cheers!